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Oral Cancer Screening - aus

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening
49,00 EUR

Oral Cancer Screening

Accuracy of Mouth-Self Examination

EAN: 9783848484089
ISBN: 3848484080
Author: Kulsoom Rizvi
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Preis: 49,00 EUR

Marke/ Author: Kulsoom Rizvi

EAN/ISBN: 9783848484089

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Oral Cancer Screening im Preisvergleich

39,00 EUR

Head and Neck Cancer (Medizin)

Head and Neck Cancer. Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Human Papillomavirus, Oral Cancer, Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, Oropharynx, Laryngeal Cancer, Histopathology, Adenocarcinoma, Chemotherapy

49,00 EUR

A Public Health Perspective ()

Epidemiology and public health considerations of smoking and oral cancer in Nevada

49,00 EUR

Alcohol and cancer (Medizin)

Breast cancer, Liver cancer, Ovary, Colorectal cancer, World Health Organization, Hepatocellular carcinoma, Oral cancer, Esophageal cancer.

49,00 EUR

An Update on Prognostic Factors (Medizin)

p53 and p63 immunoexpression and the HPV role in oral squamous cell carcinoma

49,00 EUR

Cancer Screening in the European Union (Sozialwissenschaft)

Report on the Implementation of the Council Recommendation on Cancer Screening

49,00 EUR

Toluidine Blue ()

Screening tool for Oral cancer

68,00 EUR

Preventive screening for cervical cancer among low-income patients (Politikwissenschaft)

Use of Pap smear screening among low-income patients

68,00 EUR

Nursing Intervention Leading to Breast Cancer Screening Among Women ()

Nursing Intervention Leading to Health Decisions for Breast Cancer Screening Among Working Women

69,00 EUR

ATP6V1C1 en el diagnóstico y el pronóstico del cáncer oral ()

Importancia del diagnóstico precoz en el cáncer oral.

79,00 EUR

Microsatellite studies of oral cancer and premalignant lesions (Biologie)

Oral cancer is a deadly disease. The understanding of its biology will help to better control the disease

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